Ukraine Update: May

Romans 5:8 (KJV) But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Lviv, Ukraine
May 31, 2020

May Update Letter PDF

Here’s my May Update Letter PDF so you can print it out if you would like to:


Each month, I have been able to understand/speak more and more Ukrainian. I am always looking for ways to be with Ukrainians.

The other day, I met a whole group of new kids that all live right around my apartment building square. We had bunches of fun playing tag, soccer, and other games.

It is great Ukrainian practice, and my favorite way to learn!

Back L – R: Daniel, Max, Vlasta
Front L-R not including me: Vita, Max, Vitalik, (I forgot the one holding the book)
And taking the picture is Yura.

Here is my friend Nazar. We have spent and lot of time together running, hiking, and talking. He has been a great blessing to me for language practice, and is a great friend.


A couple weeks ago, I had a Ukrainian guy over to my apartment for supper. His name in English is Andrew. I met him a few months back while out talking to people. We had a great time playing Chess (He won three games in a row, so that tells you how good I am at Chess), talking, and eating.

Playing Chess in my apartment.

At the end, my roommate translated for me, and I was able to share the whole Gospel with him! Please pray for the seed that was planted in his heart, that it would fall on good ground and produce fruit

Picnics, Villages, and Friends

Most of my weekends this month were spent with a very nice Ukrainian family: The Cheparas. Serhii, Natalia, and their daughter Francishka.

Serhii is part of the ETO team here. He takes care of mailing all the Bible correspondence courses to the students.

The office from where they mail all the letters is here in my apartment. So I see Serhii at least once a week, and this month a lot more than that!

Having a picnic in a beautiful village about 30 min from Lviv.

Serhii and Natalia also own a little house in a different village. I’ve been there 4-5 times this month. We had picnics/workdays there with different friends on different days.

I have had a blast each time, and enjoy being able to work with my hands again!

Here are some pictures of some different times I was there:

Another time…..

This past Saturday, Serhii and I went out to the village house and built some more shelves for the cellar. After we finished, we drove and looked at a nearby old, rundown Roman Catholic church.

Youth Meetings

We have been able to start back the Youth Meetings this month. For the past three weeks we have been going through a film series about the life of Jesus called The Chosen.

My goal in doing this is so that I can be able connect/relate with to them better, so that we can learn more about Jesus together, and so that Jesus might come alive to them. Please pray that their eyes and hearts would be opened up and that they would see who Jesus is for them.

Recurring/Monthly Donation

I had someone ask me if I have the ability to receive recurring/monthly donations. If there was a way for them to set up a recurring or monthly donation.

The answer is: Yes I do.

Before, I didn’t have a way where somebody could set up a recurring donation, but now I do.

Here is how you can make a one time, recurring, or monthly donation:

You can find any additional information on my Donate page.

Things you can pray for!

1. Pray for more understanding, learning, and speaking ability in Ukrainian.

2. Pray for Andrew, that God would work in his heart, and he would believe on Jesus.

3. Pray for the youth meetings, as I’ve started them back, that God would work in the hearts of the kids and open their eyes to the truth.

To God be all glory, Honor, and Praise.

– Kade Bloom

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