Update: July, August, and September

O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens.

Psalm 8:1 (KJV)


July was very busy. My time was filled up with language lessons, doing sport activities with local kids, and going out witnessing to people in parks.

Here are some pictures from July:

My friend Max (In middle) explaining how to play capture the flag to some new kids.

One ministry method I have found to be very effective is handing out Gospel tracts while traveling on my rollerblades. I call it “Rollerblade Tracting”.

It is amazing how many more people I can get tracts to, and how many more people take them when I am on my rollerblades

Rollerblade Tracting

Out witnessing to people in parks and on the streets in Lviv.

Had great conversations about Jesus and the Gospel with all these people.

Some homeless people I was able to minister to and share Jesus with.

We had some people get baptized recently, which was really neat to see.

August/September: Returning to the US

Originally when I came to Ukraine, I was planning on returning to the States in the middle of September.

Due to all that has been going on, and after praying about it and receiving advice, I ended up returning to Georgia on August 2nd.

It has been awesome to see my family and siblings again. After spending 8 months without seeing any of my family, you can be sure I was really excited to see all of them again!

That being said, it was very hard saying “Goodbye” to those who have become such great friends.

Here are some pictures while traveling back…

The last couple of months I have been able work a lot, spend time with my Family, and jump into the bus ministry at my church.

God has blessed in so many ways, and it is awesome to serve Him!

Things to pray for

  • Please pray for kids that I was able to minister to: That the seed which was planted in their hearts would bear fruit, and they would believe on Jesus.
  • For the people that I witnessed to: That they would believe on Jesus.
  • For God’s blessing and direction while ministering here in the States.

To God be all Glory and Praise

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