My Journey to Ukraine

How I ended up coming to Ukraine to share the Gospel

– Kade Bloom

I graduated high school not long after I turned 18 in the Spring of 2018. That whole summer I traveled around metro Atlanta leading crews on overnight Target remodels for my Dad’s company: Prime Retail Services. After those projects finished, I started working on setting up and starting my own Handyman company: Rise&Grind Handyman Services.

      Ben Sargent, Ashville NC, & Onward for Christ

 In October of 2018, while still working on starting the handyman company, I went up to Ashville, NC and visited a guy named Ben Sargent. We went out on a Saturday, knocking doors, passing out tracts, and talking with people about Jesus. We spent the morning witnessing in a big apartment complex and then that night in downtown Ashville. (Which was a brand-new experience for me having never done anything like that before, and especially having never been downtown in a city like Ashville after dark on a Saturday night!) It was great and I loved it! (Definitely NOT the city, but the witnessing) God used Ben to motivate me to start going out and evangelizing in my own community! Ben’s desire is to motivate and challenge young men to be soulwinners in their own communities across America. His vision is to have a team of at least two guys in every state who faithfully go out evangelizing on a regular basis. He has created a website called Onward For Christ so he can connect with guys all over America to encourage them in evangelism! So, if you would like more information, follow the above link to his website and contact him directly! Anyways, back to my story.

 Jonathan Ross, Handyman Business, and Basketball

When I got back from NC I was motivated and exited to start going witnessing right here in Gainesville, GA! I prayed and asked God that He would give me a partner who would go out soulwinning with me, and he did! A friend of mine, Jonathan Ross, heard that I wanted to start going out witnessing jumped in right along side of me! We went out about once or twice a-month over the Winter. We had a lot of good conversations, we were able to knock over 1,000 doors, and give out well over 1,000 Gospel tracts! Over the Winter months I also was busy getting the Handyman business off the ground and making a website for it; as well as playing on a Christian Highschool basketball team with my brothers.

Ukraine, Carpathian Mountain Outreach, ETO

In June of 2019 I went on a month-long missions trip to the country of Ukraine. The missions trip was called Carpathian Mountain Outreach “CMO” for short. CMO is hosted by an organization called Euro Team Outreach (ETO). ETO was started by two missionaries in Lviv, Ukraine named Joshua Steele and Nathan Day. It was great! There were three main ministry outreaches that we did while we were there.

1. We showed the film “ Courageous ”  in 5 villages, and afterwards preached the Gospel

2. We did street preaching and took Bible surveys in downtown Lviv

3. We went to nearby cities and passed out 94,000 total tracts and invitations for their Bible correspondence course called Bible First

Click here to see the full recap of CMO 2019.

Before I went to Ukraine for CMO I had begun asking God for direction in my life and for Him to show me the path that He wanted me to take. By this point I had started and was running the handyman business and it was doing great. My initial plan after starting Rise&Grind Handyman Services was that I was going to run the business and go witnessing right there in my community. But as time continued I had more and more a desire to spend all of time sharing the Gospel. I wanted to spend as much time of this short life on earth telling people the Gospel as possible. Yet, I knew that if I was running a business I would be working full time. Additionally, I was at a point in my life where I could take any direction. I didn’t have anything tying me down or keeping me in the States. Yes, I had the handyman business, but I could sell or stop it at any moment. So I headed to Ukraine with all that going on in my mind, still praying and seeking God’s direction.

Throughout my time in Ukraine, I began to see that here was a great open door in front of me, and maybe this was the direction that God wanted me to take. Here were two missionaries that had both been here for over 15 years, that I could come to Ukraine and work along side of. I could come over, start learning the language, help out wherever I could, and get experience in missions hands-on.

Right in the middle of the trip I called my parents and asked them to pray about it and see what they thought. After praying about it for a week or two, they told me that they thought it was a good next step to take. Them being in support of the direction that I believed God wanted me to take was very impactful on my decision because they are wise and have great godly counsel. Proverbs 11:14 (KJV)  Says: Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellers there is safety.

I wanted to be sure that I sought godly counsel, and if all the counsel was the same, then there was safety in that decision.

I am God’s servant, telling His great message. Where He wants me to go, that’s where I’ll be. If it is in Ukraine for the rest of my life, then I’ll gladly stay there. If it is to come back to the States or go to some other country, then I will happily do that as well. I just love my Savior and want to tell as many people as possible about Him. Wherever He directs me to do that at does not matter to me. I will follow His direction.

  • Kade Bloom
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